Q1, W2: August 23-27 Geometry

TeacherKristin Andreason
Subject AreaGeometry Honors
Grade Level8
Week #August 23-27
Unit of InstructionUnit 1: Definitions, Segment and Angle Pair Relationships, Coordinate Geometry
Standard(s) Taught

MAFS.912.G-CO.1.1:  Know precise definitions of angle, circle, perpendicular line, parallel line, and line segment, based on the undefined notions of point, line, distance along a line, and distance around a circular arc.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

identify the undefined notions used in geometry (point, line, plane, distance) and describe their characteristics

identify angles, perpendicular lines, parallel lines, rays, and line segments.

define angles, perpendicular lines, parallel lines, rays, and line segments precisely using the undefined terms and “if-then” (conditional) and “ifand-only-if” (bi-conditional) statements.



Classroom Activities


  1. Students will take notes on Angle Vocabulary (ISN p.1)
  2. Students will take notes on Proving Vertical Angles Congruent (ISN p.2)
  3. Students will do a scavenger hunt “Geometry with Algebra Finding the Values of Angle Measures”


  1. Students take notes on Naming Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles.
  2. Students will practice vocabulary on Quizlet


  1. Students will take the Geometry SMT
  2. If time, we will do Quizlet Live to practice Unit 1 Vocabulary
Assignments Due
  • Scavenger Hunt 
  • Students should be studying their Unit 1 Vocabulary for an upcoming test.


Additional Resources

All IEP and ESOL accommodations are provided daily.