Q1, W3: August 30 – September 3 Pre-Algebra

TeacherKristin Andreason
Subject Area8th Grade Pre-Algebra
Grade Level8
Week #August 30 - September 3
Unit of InstructionUnit One--Rational and Irrational Numbers
Standard(s) Taught

MAFS.8.NS.1.2:  Use rational approximations of irrational numbers to compare the size of irrational numbers, locate them approximately on a number line diagram, and estimate the value of expressions.

MAFS.8.EE.1.2:  Use square root and cube root symbols to represent solutions to equations of the form x squared = p and x cubed = p, where p is a positive rational number.  Evaluate square roots of small perfect squares and cube roots of small perfect cubes.  Know that the square root of 2 is irrational.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Students will review squares of numbers from 1-20 and understand that taking the square root is the opposite (inverse) of squaring a number.
  • Students will be able to locate irrational numbers approximately on a number line.
  • Students will learn how to approximate the square root of non-perfect square numbers to the nearest tenth.
  • Students will learn how to determine the square root of a non-perfect square to the nearest integer.


Classroom Activities


  1. We will practice converting rational numbers from decimals to fractions and vice versa.
  2. Students will do 6th grade IXL P.5 to put rational numbers in order
  3. Students will begin the iReady diagnostic.


  1. Students will continue working on the iReady diagnostic


  1. Students will learn how to approximate irrational numbers–we will do the iReady lesson on Approximating Irrational Numbers (part 1) together
  2. Students will finish the iReady diagnostic (if they have not)
  3. If they are finished, they will work on IXL’s I.1, I.2, and I.3
Assignments Due
  • IXL P.5 (6th grade)
  • iReady Diagnostic 
Additional Resources

All IEP and ESOL accommodations will be provided daily.

Khan Academy videos – type any topic in search bar followed by Khan Academy to find an instructional video for additional support. https://www.khanacademy.org/

IXL – Provides support for any grade level math standard.

Edgenuity – https://www.edgenuity.com/