Q3, W5: February 3-7 Geometry

TeacherKristin Andreason
Subject AreaGeometry Honors
Grade Level8
Week #February 3-7
Unit of InstructionUnit 4: Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Standard(s) Taught

MAFS.912.G-SRT.3.6: Understand that by similarity, side ratios in right triangles are properties of the angles in the triangle, leading to definitions of trigonometric ratios for acute angles.

MAFS.912.G-SRT.3.7: Explain and use the relationship between the sine and cosine of complementary angles.

MAFS.912.G-SRT.3.8:  Use trigonometric ratios and the Pythagorean Theorem to solve right triangles in applied problems.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • demonstrate that within a right triangle, line segments parallel to a leg create similar triangles by angle-angle similarity.
  • use characteristics of similar figures to justify the trigonometric ratios.
  • define the following trigonometric ratios for acute angles in a right triangle: sine, cosine, and tangent.
  • calculate sine and cosine ratios for acute angles in a right triangle when given two side lengths.
  •  use a diagram of a right triangle to explain that for a pair of complementary angles A and B, the sine of angle A is equal to the cosine of angle B and the cosine of angle A is equal to the sine of angle B.
  • draw right triangles that describe real world problems and label the sides and angles with their given measures.
  • solve application problems involving right triangles, including angle of elevation and depression, navigation, and surveying.
Classroom Activities


  • We will review Trigonometric Ratios
  • I will teach students how to use a clinometer
  • We will go outside and learn how to find the height of objects by finding the angle of elevation using a clinometer and measuring the horizontal distance from the object


  • Students will take notes in their ISN on Pythagorean Inequality Theorem.
  • Students will do IXL Q.3.


  • We will review for the DIA (trig being based on similar triangles)
  • Students will do a Mathspace to review:  Special Right Triangles and Trig Review
Assignments Due
  • IXL Q.3 is due by February 10/11.
  • Mathspace should be done before they take the DIA on February 10/11.
Additional Resources

All IEP and ESOL accommodations are provided daily.