Q4, W2: April 6-10 Geometry

TeacherKristin Andreason
Subject AreaGeometry Honors
Grade Level8
Week #April 6-10
Unit of InstructionUnit 7: Three-Dimensional Measures
Standard(s) Taught

MAFS.912.G-GMD.1.1:  Give an informal argument for the formulas for the circumference of a circle, area of a circle, volume of a cylinder, pyramid, and cone. (Use dissection arguments, Cavalieri’s principle, and informal limit arguments.)

MAFS.912.G-GMD.1.3: MODELING STANDARD Use volume formulas for cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres to solve problems.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • identify the base for prisms, cylinders, pyramids, and cones.
  • calculate the area of the base (B) for prisms, cylinders, pyramids, and cones.
  • calculate the volume of a prism using the formula V = Bh and the volume of a cylinder V = πr2h, where B is the area of the base and h is height of the solid.
  • defend the statement, “The formula for the volume of a cylinder (or cone) is basically the same as the formula for the volume of a prism (or pyramid).”
  • explain that the volume of a pyramid (or cone) is 1/3 the volume of a prism (or cylinder) with the same base area and height.  (Demonstrate rule for students, for example with liquids or bird seed.)
  • use Cavalieri’s Principle to demonstrate that a right prism (or cylinder) and a slanted prism (or cylinder) have the same volume when the base areas and heights are the same.
  • calculate the volume of a cylinder, pyramid, cone, and sphere and use the volume formulas to solve problems.
  • find the volume when one or more dimensions are changed.
Classroom Activities

Zoom Notice:  I will not be doing Zoom live sessions this week.  I am providing two recorded lessons on Zoom this week–one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday.  I will offer an optional help Zoom session on Thursday at 12:00 noon for anyone who needs some help on this week’s assignments.  Please feel free to join me then using the same meeting ID as last week.  If you don’t have it, message me on Remind for the code!


  • Please join your class on Quizizz (I sent a message about this on Remind!).  If you did this last night, you will see a Quizizz already assigned to you.  If you did not do it last night, go to joinmyquiz.com and then enter the code 131910 to access the Quizizz.  It is called Volume Practice.  (60 minutes)


  • Please watch the zoom recorded video on Volume and Surface Area of Triangular Prisms by going to: 


  • Do the worksheet on Volume and Surface Area of Triangular Prisms which you will find as an attachment in Gradebook.  You will need to do this on a separate paper and show all of your work!  When you finish, please take a picture and share with me on Remind!  Please make sure that all of your problems are numbered!  Put a box around your two answers for each problem so that I can find it easily!  (50 minutes)


  • Please watch the recorded Zoom video on Surface Area of Cones and Composite Figures by going to: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/v5dvJK_f5HlJXrfEsBqPaLE6LN27X6a81SUb8qcPz0jHXiWAJZQJHEmxUXsxU7mB?startTime=1586142795000
  • Then do the first page (#1-3) of the worksheet Volume of Composite Figures (on the front it says Geometry Composite Figure Practice).  Please note that you are asked to find the surface area and volume of number 1 and 2, but only the volume of the portion of the cone in #3.  Make sure that you show all work!  Please take a picture of this and share with me on Remind!


  • Finish the worksheet on Volume and Surface Area of Composite Figures (#4-5) (30 minutes)
  • Review your ISN notes on Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres and then do IXL T.7
  • Remember there will be an informal help session at noon on Zoom today!


  • Please watch the following Youtube video on Cavalieri’s Principle:    https://youtu.be/CYp824FeJ9s
  • Then in your Math Nation Practice Book, do #1-5 on pages 191-192
Assignments Due

Assignments due this week:

  • Quizizz:  Volume Practice
  • Worksheet on Volume and Surface Area of Triangular Prisms
  • Volume and Surface Area of Composite Figures
  • IXL T.7
  • Math Nation Practice Book–pages 191-192, #1-5
Additional Resources

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