8th Grade Strategies for Virtual Learning

Strategies for Virtual Learning

Here are some suggestions that will help you as you begin the task of learning Math online this year!  Please read them carefully and let these guide you in your learning!

  • Virtual Learning this year will be different than the distance learning we did 4th This year, Virtual Learners will be “attending” school every day from 7:50 until 3:00 (in your uniforms)—you will just be doing it from home.  While you may spend some time on your own on the Edgenuity program, you will need to be “showing up” on time to each one of your classes!


  • Virtual Learners will have to follow your schedule carefully to make sure you show up on time for each class! Please keep your schedule posted by your computer!  You will be receiving your teachers’ Zoom codes and passwords and it will be very important to keep these handy as well because you will be using them every day!


  • Your assignments will be on Classroom Connect—you will want to be checking that each and every day! Please make sure you do the assignments in the order that they are listed—there is a reason for the order!  If there is instructional video before an IXL, for example, you need to watch the instruction first so you will know how to do the IXL! 


  • It is very important that you are doing each day’s assignments on the day that they have been assigned—you do not want to fall behind because you will be taking tests at the same time as the students who are attending face to face. Make sure you are doing your math work during the hour and forty-minute time block that you have math (and do the same for all of your classes)!


  • You will need to be an ACTIVE LEARNER!! If you are watching an instructional video, you need to focus carefully and be constantly asking yourself “does that make sense to me?”  If you start to feel like you are not following the video, you can back it up and listen to that section again.  If you watch instructional videos with the mindset that you must try to understand what is being taught, you will be successful!!


  • If you have questions, ask them! Don’t let days go by without understanding because you will fall farther and farther behind!  It is usually easy to dig yourself out of a little bit of confusion, but if you let days or even weeks go by, then you will feel overwhelmed.  You can learn this if you take it one step at a time!