Q1 W7 Oct 12-Oct 16 Pre-Algebra

TeacherStephanie Durrance
Subject Area8th Grade Math (Pre-Algebra)
Grade Level8th
Week #7
Unit of InstructionFocus 3 – Scientific Notation
Standard(s) Taught

MAFS.8.EE.1.3: Use numbers expressed in the form of a single digit times an integer power of 10 to estimate very large or very small quantities, and to express how many times as much one is than the other.

MAFS.8.EE.1.4: Perform operations with numbers expressed in scientific notation, including problems where both decimal and scientific notation are used. Use scientific notation and choose units of appropriate size for measurements of very large or very small quantities.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• write very large and very small numbers in scientific notation.
• compare numbers written in scientific notation to determine how many times larger or smaller one number written in scientific notation is than another.
• add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers written in scientific notation by applying laws of exponents.
• select the appropriate units for very large and small quantities when solving problems.
• demonstrate on the calculator and identify that E on the calculator means “x 10a”.

Classroom Activities

Classroom Activities:

Brain Teaser (5 min)
Whole Group:
Jeopardy Style Review for DIA 1 (Rational/Irrational Numbers, Properties of Exponents, and Scientific Notation)
Small Groups:
IXLs – Scientific Notation Practice G.1, G.3, G.4, G.5 (70% or higher)

Brain Teaser (5 min)
IReady (45 min)

Brain Teaser (5 min)
DIA 1 (Rational/Irrational Numbers, Properties of Exponents, and Scientific Notation)
Finish any past due work

All IEP and ESOL accommodations provided daily.

Assignments Due

DIA 1, IXLs (G.1, G.3, G.4, G.5)

Additional Resources

Khan Academy videos – type any topic in search bar followed by Khan Academy to find an instructional video for additional support. https://www.khanacademy.org/

IXL – Provides support for any grade level math standard.

Edgenuity – https://www.edgenuity.com/