Q4W1, 03/30/2020 ONLINE

TeacherGinger Barnhart
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level8
Week #03/30/2020
Unit of InstructionThe Thrill of Horror
Standard(s) Taught

How does an author create suspense?

8.RL.2.6 Analyze how differences in points of view create suspense.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


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Classroom Activities

Once students complete the “Intro to Online Learning” Module on Monday, they will complete the following tasks Tuesday through Friday:

1. Watch Week 1 Skills Video.

2. Read or listen to the story “The Tell-Tale Heart” in your eBook pages 89-94.

3. Review page 95 and find examples in the story.

4. Complete Analyzing the Text Questions on page 96. (Don’t forget to save to your notebook for each task!)

5. Complete the Performance Task on page 96. A profile is a type of explanatory writing in which a writer draws conclusions that are supported by facts, examples, and other kinds of details. Begin your profile by writing an introduction that gives a general assessment of the narrator. Each additional paragraph should address one specific aspect of your analysis.

6. Complete the Vocabulary activity on page 97.

7. Take the quiz on “The Tell-Tale Heart” from your my.hrw.com homepage.

Assignments Due

Intro to Online Learning Module

The Tell-Tale Heart Quiz (Reading)

Psychological Profile (Language Arts)

Additional Resources

Canvas Modules (through Vportal)

my.hrw.com (Collections textbook, notebook, close reader, online quizzes)