Scary Story Rubric







Word Choice

Exceptional word choice describes the story and engages the reader

Unique and specific language creates clear pictures for the reader

Some descriptive words to create imagery

Few descriptive words limit imagery, understanding

Very few or no descriptive words used.


Narrative is well organized, flows clearly; paragraphs used effectively

Overall organization makes sense with paragraphs & clear plot structure

Some parts lack transitions; plot doesn’t flow consistently; paragraphs used sporadically

Many parts of story lack transitions, paragraphs, clarity

Difficult to follow; no attention to organization


Setting fully developed and described with imagery, sensory details

Setting clearly described with imagery and some senses

Setting mostly described with some detail

Setting vague, undeveloped

Setting unclear, not included

Plot, Scare Factor

Story includes suspense, climax, ending used effectively to scare the reader

Story includes suspense, climax, ending that are mostly scary

Story includes some moments of suspense

Story may be predictable or unclear, lacking some scare factor

No scary elements included

Sentence Fluency

Sentences smoothly written, varied; flows smoothly; fragments, short sentences used for style

Sentences show variety, but some should read more smoothly

Some sentences are choppy or difficult to read; many are similar

Many sentences choppy, difficult to follow; Short, incomplete, or run-on sentences

Sentence structure very poor and difficult to follow


Skillful, accurate, & sophisticated spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Narrative generally error free; mostly accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation

Some errors in mechanics and convention

Many errors make the narrative confusing and hard to read

Significant errors in mechanics interfere with understanding