Week 5: April 27 – May 1

TeacherJamie Newcomb
Subject AreaComprehensive Science III
Grade Level8
Week #
Unit of InstructionThe Stars and Our Sun and The Solar System
Standard(s) Taught

SC.8.E.5.6  Create models of solar properties including: rotation, structure of the Sun, convection, sunspots, solar flares, and prominences.

SC.7.N.3.2  Identify the benefits and limitations of the use of scientific models. 

Advanced: SC.912.E.5.4 Explain the physical properties of the Sun and its dynamic nature and connect them to conditions and events on Earth.

SC.8.E.5.8  Compare various historical models of the Solar System, including geocentric and heliocentric.
SC.8.N.3.2 Explain why theories may be modified but are rarely discarded.
SC.8.N.1.6 Understand that scientific investigations involve the collection of relevant empirical evidence, the use of logical reasoning, and the application of imagination in devising hypotheses, predictions, explanations and models to make sense of the collected evidence.
SC.7.N.2.1 Identify an instance from the history of science in which scientific knowledge has changed when new evidence or new interpretations are encountered. 




Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:

• describe the properties and characteristics of the Sun, including: rotation, structure, convection, sunspots, solar flares, and prominences
• create models of various solar phenomena

              o NOS Focus- identify the benefits and limitations of the use of scientific models 

Advanced: Describe the physical properties of the Sun (sunspot cycles, solar flares, prominences, layers of the Sun, coronal mass ejections, and nuclear reactions) and the impact of the Sun as the main source of external energy for the Earth

• differentiate between the various historical models of the solar system, including geocentric and heliocentric

             o NOS Focus- theories may be modified but are rarely discarded


Classroom Activities

Please see the assignments check list:

4-27-20 to 5-1-20 Assignment checklist

The article assignment called “The Starry Messenger” is optional.

*Students will need their unit 3, lesson 1 textbook section for this week.

**An “Online Learning Packet Week 5” should be picked up from school on Monday, 4/27/20. This packet is for every student and provides copies of activities, assignments and notes for this week. It will also be posted to Edmodo (if you can print at home).

***Each student should also pick up from school on Monday, 4/27/20, one copy each of the unit 3 lessons 4 and 5. These will also be posted in Edmodo in the textbook folder.

Copies of the text book sections and other supporting materials for this week can be found on the 8th grade science Edmodo page at Edmodo.com

Please see the Online Instruction information for Remind and Edmodo class codes and to access information on Edmodo.

Assignments Due
  1. There will be a formative assignment on Tuesday, April 28 on creating a 3D Sun Model. Please see the assignment directions in your week 5 packet and/or Edmodo for more details on directions and how to submit for grading.
  2. A quiz will be on Friday, May 1 over the entire week’s lessons. This quiz is open note and will cover all of the lessons from this week. Completed assignments and notes should be used to take this quiz. It will be given through Edmodo.

***The 2 assignments for the week will be averaged for one formative grade. This grade will be entered in to grade book.***

***If you have problems getting on Edmodo or other technology to complete the 3D Sun Model assignment or to take the quiz, please contact Dr. Newcomb. These assignments can be modified to be given by Zoom meeting or by phone.***

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