This week: May 15 – May 18

Science Assignment checklist for May 18-22:

5-18-20 to 5-22-20 Science Assignment checklist

TeacherJamie Newcomb
Subject AreaComprehensive Science III
Grade Level8
Week #
Unit of InstructionFourth Quarter Remediation
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities

Use this week as an assignment make-up week. Please see the list of weeks below and the graded assignments for each week.

  • All weekly quizzes are on Edmodo.
  • Please message Dr. Newcomb to reset any low score quiz or to improve the quiz grade.
  • Message Dr. Newcomb once you have retaken a quiz to improve a grade so that she knows to go into gradebook and update it.
  • Solar System Extra Credit is due by this Friday, May 22.
Assignments Due

Week 1: March 30-April 3

What was due:

1.Weekly quiz 1


Week 2: April 6-10

What was due:

  1. Weekly quiz 1


Week 3: April 13-17

What was due:

1.Unit 2 lesson 2 quiz on stars

  1. Weekly quiz 3

These 2 assignments were averaged together to make the week 3 grade.


Week 4: April 20-24

What was due:

  1. Read a Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram quiz
  2. Weekly quiz 4


These 2 assignments were averaged together to make the week 4 grade.


Week 5: April 27-May 1:

What was due:

  1. 3D Sun model
  2. Weekly quiz 5


These 2 assignments were averaged together to make the week 5 grade.


Week 6: May 4-8

What was due:

  1. The answers to the PBS NOVA documentary questions
  2. week 6 quiz for the week 6 grade.


These 2 assignments were averaged together to make the week 6 grade.


Week 7: May 11-15:

What was due:

  1. Weekly quiz 7


Week 8: May 18-22

  1. Make-up week
  2. Solar System Extra Credit opportunity due by May 22

Solar System Model Extra Credit Opportunity:

You can earn extra credit by creating 2 different models of the solar system.

  • Pictures of your models should then be EMAILED to Dr. Newcomb at with the subject line “EXTRA CREDIT”.
  • Just like in your 3D sun model I want you to find and use things already at your house.
  • Choose an object that you feel represents the sun and each of the 8 planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). DO NOT buy anything new for this model.
  • The first model should represent the current, heliocentric model of the solar system. Use the objects you chose to represent the sun and each planet. LABEL each clearly.
  • For the 2nd model, keep the sun at the center but reorder the planets based on one of the following characteristics:
    • temperature, period of rotation, period of revolution, diameter, density, gravity (Use the information found in your textbook sections unit 3 lessons 4 and 5 under each planets statistics table).
    • LABEL each planet clearly and state what characteristic you used to reorder the planets.

For example: reordering the planets based on gravity – consider Earth’s gravity as a value of 1 (100%) .Any planet with a percentage of gravity less that Earth’s would be put closer to the sun and a planet with gravity greater than Earth would be put farther from the sun.

Example order (would show and label with model) Sun, Mars (37% of Earth’s gravity), Mercury (38% of Earth’s gravity), Uranus (79% of Earth’s gravity ), Venus (89% of Earth’s gravity), Earth (100%), Saturn (106% of Earth’s gravity), Neptune (112% of Earth’s gravity), Jupiter (253% of Earth’s gravity).


You would take and email pictures of both models to Dr. Newcomb at

Extra Credit due by Friday, May 22. No extensions will be given.

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