Q1 W1

TeacherIvette Pujol
Subject AreaPre-Algebra
Grade Level8
Week #Q1 W1
Unit of InstructionIntroduction to Pre-Algebra: Course Curriculum and Class Expectations
Standard(s) Taught

No specific standards were addressed this week.

Introduction to Pre-Algebra & class expectations, policies and procedures were provided.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Getting Familiarized with Ivy Hawn way, school routine as well as specific classroom expectations.  Classroom supplies were discussed (detailed request list is included in the syllabus) and the importance of having an up to date and organized binder and planner.

Classroom Activities
  • “All About Me” activity
  • 8th Grade Classroom Guidelines Math Syllabus discussed in detail with students.  Syllabus due back to teacher signed by student and parent / guardian by Wednesday, 8/22/18.
  • Review of Order of Operations: PEMDAS
    • Math Doodles Note Page ( to be kept in binder)
    • Order of Operations Review Worksheet


Assignments Due
  • Return Signed Syllabus
  • Order of Operations Review worksheet
Additional Resources