Q4W5, April 26-30

TeacherJanna Rodgers
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level8
Week #5
Unit of InstructionThe Thrill of Horror, FSA Reading Practice
Standard(s) Taught

8.RL.1.1: Cite textual evidence to support analysis and inferences.
8.RL.1.3: Analyze incidents in a story.
8.RL.2.4: Determine the meaning of words and phrases.
8.RL.2.6: Analyze how differences in points of view create suspense

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will analyze literary criticism to gain insight into the literature.
Students will be assessed on their learning throughout the unit.

Classroom Activities

Monday: Read What is the Horror Genre? by Sharon A. Russell/Quiz
Tuesday: Reading FSA Practice Test
Wednesday: DEAR time/ Horror Story writing
Thursday and Friday: The Thrill of Horror Unit test (Extensions: IXL lessons, Close Reader assignments, and/or Storyboards)

Assignments Due

What is the Horror Genre? quiz
Reading FSA Practice Test
The Thrill of Horror Unit test

Additional Resources