Q2W8: January 11-15

TeacherAndrew Wilson
Subject AreaUS History
Grade Level8
Week #20
Unit of InstructionEarly Republic
Standard(s) Taught

SS.8.A.3.13 Explain major domestic and international economic, military, political,
and socio-cultural events of John Adam’s presidency. 

SS.8.A.3.14 Explain major domestic and international economic, military, political,
and socio-cultural events of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency.

SS.8.A.4.3 Examine the experiences and perspectives of significant individuals and
groups during this era of American History.

SS.8.A.1.1 Provide supporting details for an answer from the text, interview for oral history, check validity of information from research/text and identify strong vs weak arguments

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • I can explain how the government changed under the Jefferson Presidency
  • I can identify the impact of these changes
  • I can make a political campaign using the beliefs of the first political parties
  • I can evaluate the actions of Thomas Jefferson in relation to his beliefs. 
Classroom Activities

Day 1:

  • Finish/Present Political Campaigns
  • John Adam’s Presidency
  • Exit Ticket


Election of 1796 Campaign

John Adams

Federalist Era Notes

Day 2:

Jefferson Notes – Discuss in Class

Exit Ticket – What are 3 changes Jefferson made to the government?

Day 3:

The Convictions of Thomas Jefferson DBQ

Bellringer Week 20 – Slides 6-11 for today

Use the documents to write a paragraph on – To what extent did Jefferson uphold his beliefs?

Include a thesis, support, citations and a conclusion. 

Also, either participate in the class discussion in class or on Canvas at least 1 time.

Assignments Due


Political Campaign

You are in charge of creating part of the 1796 presidential campaign for either John Adams or Thomas Jefferson. In order to advertise for your candidate, you need to make a poster that will be put up for the public and write a short speech supporting your party. The campaign manager has given you the following specifications:


____ Include at least 4 of the beliefs of the party

____ Include at least one way the other party is bad


____ Include at least 3 of the political beliefs of the party/candidate

____ Include at least 2 ways the other party is bad for the country

____ Should explain why your candidate/party is the best choice for the country.


____/10 Total


Jefferson’s DBQ – class from packet

Additional Resources

Jefferson Notes

Vocabulary for the week:

  • Precedent- tradition or example
  • Tariff- a tax on imported goods
  • Cabinet – A group of advisors to the president
  • Bonds – a certificate promising to repay borrowed money
  • Partisan – clearly favoring one faction
  • Nullify- to legally overturn
  • Secede – to break away from a country

Optional format for the Jefferson DBQ paragraph –

  • Thomas Jefferson did/did not live up to his own beliefs. This is shown by ____________________________ (document __). This conflicts/corresponds with his core belief that ________________. Additionally, ____________________________ (document ___). This conflicts/corresponds with his core belief that ________________. Finally, __________________________ (document __) conflicts/corresponds with his core belief that ________________. Even though Jefferson is a controversial figure, these three documents show that he did/did not live up to his beliefs.