Q1W1: August 31-September 4

TeacherAndrew Wilson
Subject AreaUS History
Grade Level8
Week #1
Unit of InstructionHistory
Standard(s) Taught

Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including its relationship to supporting ideas; provide an objective summary of the text.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Students will know and be able to explain the classroom rules
  • Students will be able to explain why we learn history
  • Students will be able to have an debate supported by research
Classroom Activities


  • Get to Know You/2 Truths and Lie
  • Go over Syllabus/Procedures
  • Student Survey
    • Innovative – Use Socrative – https://b.socrative.com/login/student/
    • Room Name: Wilson1066 
    • Please use Last, First name
  • This or That 
  • Exit Procedures

Innovative Students:

If you did not receive an email regarding the Zoom code for this class, please contact you teacher at wilsona@ivyhawnschool.org

Virtual Meet the Teacher – Powerpoint from Meet the Teacher



  • Bellringer
  • History Quote Analysis 
  • Why do we study History? 
  • Exit Ticket 


Analyze the quote that you choose from this list:List of History Quotes

On a separate Word document, analyze the quote and answer:

  • What do you think it means?
  • What do you think this person thought was important?
  • Write a guideline based on this quote.
    -The guideline should be an objective for this class.
    -Basically, answer: What do you think we should do/learn in this class based on
    this quote?
    Exit Ticket:
  • Why should we study history?
  • What kind of skills do you think might be needed?

Upload you document to focus under the assignment “Virtual Only: Why study history?”


  • Bellringer
  • How do we learn?
  • US History Pre-Test
  • Innovative: Take the test on Socrative
    •  https://b.socrative.com/login/student/
    • Room Name: VIRTUALWILSON
    • Please use Last, First name
  • Research and Debate
    • Questions:
      • Is technological progress a good thing?
      • Are school contact sports a good thing?
      • Should we censor social media?
    • Innovative – log into Canvas and participate in discussions there. 
      • Make at least 1 contribution to the discussion on 1 of the questions


Assignments Due

US History Pre-Test

Additional Resources