Q3, W1

TeacherMichael Feinman
Subject AreaPhysical Education
Grade LevelMiddle School 6-8
Week #Quarter 3, Week 1
Unit of InstructionWhy Sleep is Beneficial to the Human Body?///Soccer
Standard(s) Taught

HE.8.C.1.3 Predict how environmental factors affect personal health.

HE.8.C.2.1 Assess the role of family health beliefs on the health of adolescents.

PE.8.M.1.3 Demonstrate body management for successful participation in a variety of modified games and activities.

PE.8.M.1.6 Demonstrate offensive, defensive and transition strategies and tactics.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Understand why sleep is beneficial to the human body

Learn the rules and skills of soccer

Classroom Activities

Read first 2 paragraphs of “How Much Sleep Do I Need?” by Mary L. Gavin


 Do you get enough sleep? If not, why? 

What can happen if you do not get enough sleep?

Sport: Soccer


1) Game (Check for understanding)

2) Active Break (Brush up on skills and tactics)

3) Game Part 2 (Perform tactics)

Assignments Due

Weekly Participation Grade: 3 points for full class participation. 2 points for 2/3 class participation. 1 point for 1/3 class participation. 0 points for no participation at all. 

Additional Resources

Articles to Read:

How Much Sleep Do I Need?: https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/how-much-sleep.html#catwellbeing