Q1W1-2: August 12-23 2019 (3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade Level3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade
Week #1-2
Unit of InstructionWelcome to Elementary Music
Standard(s) Taught

Singing alone and with others. 

Playing various instruments alone and with others. 

Understanding relationship between music and American History. 

Singing in various voices (sing, talk, whisper, shout) 

Perform folk dances from different cultures. 

Find and maintain a steady beat. 

Match pitch. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will learn, understand, and demonstrate the rules of music class.

Students will sing using their proper singing voice. 

Students will play on xylophones with proper playing technique. 

Students will learn about two important songs from American history and perform them with proper singing voice. 

Students will learn about American Sign Language and how to perform it along with a song (America the Beautiful). 

Students will use different types of voices for the song “Sounds All Around Us.” 

Students will find and maintain a steady beat while listening to a piece of music. 

Classroom Activities

Welcome to Music Class

Teacher will go over classroom rules and procedures. 

  • Students will practice procedures (demonstrate understanding) 

Ice Breaker Bingo 

  • Students will play a few rounds of Ice Breaker Bingo to get to know each other and Miss Holvey

Vocal Warm-up 

  • Solfege vocal warm-up with hand motions 
    • Matching Pitch 
    • Singing voices 

America the Beautiful 

  • Read, talk, discuss the piece America the Beautiful 
  • American Sign Language 
  • Perform America the Beautiful with sign language 

Grand Old Flag

  • Read, talk, discuss the piece Grand Old Flag
  • American Sign Language
  • Perform Grand Old Flag with sign language

Sounds All Around Us

  • What makes sound?
  • Is all sound music? Why or why not? 
  • Sing, talk, whisper, shout 

Listen to the Sounds of the Instruments 

  • Go over xylophone rules and procedures
  • Practice getting xylophones out and to their assigned spots 
  • What are the names of the different xylophones? 
  • Singing voice, listening to directions, knowing the names of the xylophones

Beat Buddy Challenge

  • Students will listen to a piece of music and pass the Beat Buddies around the circle to the beat 
    • How many beat buddies can a class successfully pass around the circle? 
Assignments Due


Recorders will begin in October. Information will be sent home regarding where to purchase recorders. 

Additional Resources