Q1W3-5: August 26-Sept. 13 2019 (3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade Level3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade
Week #3-5
Unit of InstructionCelebrate America!
Standard(s) Taught

Sing songs in various forms while matching pitch and tone (MU.5.C.1.1)

Read from notation and sings songs containing rhythms of various combinations in various meters (MU.5.C.1.1)

Perform songs using appropriate dynamics, temp, articulation, style, and mood (MU.4.C.1.1) (MU.3.C.1.1)

Listen and perform music that reflect American History (MU.4.H.2.2) 

Play instruments of various combinations that create different textures (MU.4.C.1.4)

Sing songs with appropriate vocal quality, intonation, and diction (MU.4.C.1.2)

Discuss how music was influenced by events and people in American History (MU.3.H.2.1)

Read rhythm patterns that include quarter notes, eighth notes, quarter rests, and sixteenth notes (MU.3.S.3.5) 

Listen and respond to a steady beat (MU.3.C.1.1)


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will learn, understand, and demonstrate the rules of music class. 

Students will sing using their proper singing voices.

Students will play various instruments using the proper playing technique. 

Students will discuss American history, particularly the Revolutionary War, and how that effected music. 

Students will learn and perform American Sign Language to go along with two important songs from American history.

Students will read various rhythms and perform them on instruments. 

Students will sing and perform an American folk dance (3rd grade only) 

Students will be able to identify the different xylophones in the music room. 

Students will discuss sound and how all sound is (or is not?) music (class debate) (4th and 5th grade only) 

Classroom Activities

Welcome to music class, review rules and procedures. 

Vocal warm-up 

  • Solfege 
  • Solfege hand symbols
  • Matching pitch 
  • Proper singing voice 

Grand Old Flag 

  • Discuss our flag
  • “Who are Veterans?” 
  • “Who uses Sign Language?” 
  • Go over sign language motions for the song
  • Sing and do sign language 

America the Beautiful 

  • Who was Katherine Lee Bates? 
  • “Has anyone here ever climbed a mountain or have gotten really high up and looked out? What could you see?” 
  • Go over sign language motions for the song 
  • Sing and do sign language 

Sounds All Around Us (4th and 5th) 

  • “Is all sound music?” 
  • Talk about 4:30 (contemporary music)
  • Speak, whisper, shout, sing
  • Go over/read/follow along with the lyrics and try singing the piece 

John Kanaka (3rd Grade)

  • Review song 
  • Discuss folk dancing and how it is important in music – keeping steady beat, feeling the music
  • Learn, review, and perform the folk dance (listening, teamwork) 

Gypsy in the Moonlight (3rd grade)

  • Practice reading music from a book

Down, Down Baby (3rd Grade)

  • Practicing reading music from a book
  • Body Percussion
  • Body percussion exercise – split into groups, compose own body percussion piece with team. Perform for class

Reading Rhythms

  • Go over rhythm notation on the board (3rd grade notation easier than 4th and 5th notation) 
  • Have students practice saying the syllables and counting out loud
  • Go over instrument procedures
  • Play on rhythm sticks 
  • Play rhythms to a piece of music

Listen to the Instruments 

  • Discuss the different kinds of xylophones in the music room (xylophones, marimbas, and glockenspiels) 
  • Go over xylophone playing procedures
  • Watch Orff instruments instruction video
  • Learn lyrics to the song – xylophones play along 
  • Students have to be aware which type of instrument they are on so they play at the right time (the song calls for which instrument should play) 

If time is needed Beat Buddy Rhythm Challenge or Doggy Doggy Music Game 

Assignments Due

Recorders start in October. Information on where to purchase recorders will be sent home soon. 

Treblemakers Elementary Music Club will be starting in September. Sign-up information will be sent home in the next few weeks. 

Additional Resources