Q1W8-9 September 30-October 11 2019 (Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade LevelKindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade
Week #8-9
Unit of InstructionExploring Rhythms and Tempos
Standard(s) Taught

Say and sing rhythmic patterns accurately with a steady beat (MU.K.C.1.1)

Sing a song that includes rests (MU.K.S.3.4)

Play percussion instruments to show the beat and the rhythm of songs (MU.K.H.3.1)

Read rhythm notation (MU.K.F.3.1)(MU.1.F.3.1)(MU.2.F.3.1)

Demonstrate vocal qualities sing, speak, shout, or whisper (MU.K.C.1.2)(MU.1.C.1.2)

Sing echo phrases (MU.K.C.1.4)(MU.1.C.1.4)

Sing various songs while maintaining steady beat and rhythm (MU.2.C.1.1)

Perform rhythms from notation (MU.2.H.3.1)

Sing with appropriate tone quality (MU.2.C.1.1)

Move or dance to music from other cultures (MU.2.S.1.2)




Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will sing using their singing voices.

Students will echo sing. 

Students will match pitch. 

Students will find and be able to maintain a steady beat. 

Students will be able to work in groups dictating rhythms (2nd grade)

Students will learn about different tempos in music and show understanding through movement. 

Students will begin learning and memorizing their winter performance pieces. 

Students will read basic rhythm notation. 

Students will listen to a story and learn an accompaniment to go along with the characters. (K-1)

Students will learn an African American hand game and perform the game with a partner. 

Students will listen to a piece of music and show what they hear with movement. 

Classroom Activities


“Hello There” song

Beat Buddy Exercise 

  • Finding and maintaining a steady beat 

Singing echo phases, matching pitch, movement songs

My Head and My Shoulders (kindergarten)

Head Shoulders Baby (1st grade and 2nd grade)

Riddle Ree (1st and 2nd grade) 

5 little Chickadees (Kindergarten) 

Peanut Butter (K-2)

Rhythms (2nd grade only) 

  • Apple rhythm game
  • Listening to rhythms and working together to find the right apple rhythm notation that matches what the teacher plays 

Tempos (K-2)

  • My Pony Macaroni
  • Miss Mary Mack (hand game with different tempos)

Jump (K-1) 

  • Read through the story 
  • Add percussion accompaniment
  • Echo singing, matching pitch, showing steady beat
  • Across the curriculum activity (reading, science) 

Winter performance pieces

  • Students will begin learning and memorizing their winter performance pieces
  • Echo singing, singing voices, understanding the relation of music to the other arts


  • Listening to and showing through movement what you hear in music

If time is needed play music game

Assignments Due


Additional Resources