Q1W4 Body Shapes 2nd-5th

TeacherBridget Horan
Subject AreaDance
Grade Level2-5
Week #4
Unit of InstructionBody Shapes
Standard(s) Taught

A1.3 Use movement in the choreographic form call and response in a variety of ways when creating dance pieces.

A2.2 Identify the elements of dance used in their own and others’ dance pieces and explain how they help communicate a message.

A2.3 Identify an give examples of their strengths and areas for growth as dance creators and audience members.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Students can define what a body shape is.

  • We can identify the ways in which we can use body shapes in our movements.

  • We can experiment with body shapes in our movement phrases.

Classroom Activities
  • Students will play the game “Body Zones & Shapes Pictionary”. Students will be placed in to two teams where they will have to correctly draw or answer the correct body zone or shape. 
  • This will give students a better understanding of each. 


Assignments Due
Additional Resources

Examples of Body Shapes:

We can make different body shapes such as:

  •  Curved 
  •  Straight
  •  Open
  •  Closed
  •  Asymmetrical
  • Symmetrical