Q1W5-6 Body Zones

TeacherBridget Horan
Subject AreaElementary Dance
Grade Level2-5
Week #5-6
Unit of InstructionBody Zones
Standard(s) Taught

A2.2 Identify, using dance vocabulary, the elements of dance used in their own and others’ dance pieces and explain how each helps communicate ideas and feelings.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Students can define what a body zone is.

  • Students will be able to give examples of different body zones.

  • Students will be able to identify how we can change the body zones we use when we move.

Classroom Activities

Movement Activity 1.13: “Isolating and Moving Body Zones”

  • Have students find their own space in the room. Ensure that this space is far enough away from other individuals that they can move all of their body zones.

  • Play a song, and call out a body zone for students to begin moving.

  • Have students begin moving the called out body zone. Walk around and see how students are moving the specific body zone. After 30 seconds, have students move another body zone. Continue with the other body zones until all of them have been covered, and students have demonstrated somewhat of an ability to isolate and move their body zones.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

“What is a body zone?”

• A body zone is a section of our body that we can isolate and move.

  Upper: Everything from your shoulders and up.

  Middle: Everything from your shoulders to your waist.     

  Lower: Everything from your waist to the floor.