Week 5: “Blast from the Past” K-5th April 27th – May 1st

Hello Everyone!

   This weeks assignment is a little different. Due at the end of this week, I will need one formative assignment from all of my fabulous friends.  That being said, for anyone who has not turned in an assignment for your grade level please make sure those are turned in by Friday. This will be your assignment for the week. Please make sure to check your correct grade level for your assignment. 

  **Several of you have finished our assignment and have emailed or sent messages through Remind, which is wonderful. So for my friends who have already turned in their formative assignment, feel free to check out any of our previous weeks assignments. Try a new “Just Dance” video, check out a different video from “I Spy with my little Eye, the 5 Elements of Dance”, or get up and get moving again and enjoy our stretch class. You won’t need to turn anything else in if I have already received an assignment from you. Please feel free to email me or send a message through Remind if you have any questions, confusion, or concerns.** 

            -Ms. Horan