Week of April 6th-10th Online Learning

Please click the link next to your child’s grade level. It will take you directly to the page you will need for this week. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions.

K – https://ivcscompappelementary.weebly.com/f-and-j

1st Grade – https://ivcscompappelementary.weebly.com/1st-grade7.html

2nd Grade – https://ivcscompappelementary.weebly.com/minecraft

3rd Grade – https://ivcscompappelementary.weebly.com/typing-agent1

4th Grade – https://ivcscompappelementary.weebly.com/april-6th–10th

5th Grade – https://ivcscompappelementary.weebly.com/5th-grade1