Week 18-22 Elementary Dance Lesson Plans

TeacherTiffany McCarthy
Subject AreaDance
Grade LevelK-5
Week #
Unit of InstructionHip Hop & Tap
Standard(s) Taught

DA.K.S.2.1 Follow classroom directions.
DA.K.S.2.2 Retain simple sequences and accurate dance terminology over time.
DA.K.S.3.1 Refine gross- and fine-locomotor skills through repetition.
DA.K.S.3.2 Imitate simple exercises for strengthening and stretching the body.
DA.K.S.3.3 Develop kinesthetic awareness by maintaining personal space and moving in pathways through space.
DA.K.S.3.4 Move to various musical and rhythmic accompaniments, responding to changes in tempo and dynamics.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

-Learn the steps
-Practice the steps
-Put steps together in a combination
-Perform combination

Classroom Activities

Baby Shark Hip Hop Combo

Mrs. McCarthy’s Hip Hop Combo

Student Choreography Combo

Learn basic beginning tap steps

Put steps together in a combination

Assignments Due

In Class Group Choreography

Additional Resources