Q2W4 Salt Water Fish (11/30 – 12/4) K-5

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject Area Agriscience
Grade LevelK-5
Week #Q2W5
Unit of InstructionSalt Water Fish
Standard(s) Taught

Identify supplies and services industries related to animal science.

Identify the needs of an animal and describe and describe proper care for that animal.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will learn about how salt water fish relate to agriculture.

Classroom Activities

Watch video and have classroom discussion.

Assignments Due


Additional Resources

This 10th episode of Remarkable Agriculture was recorded at Oceanic Avenue in Orange City. For more information about saltwater fish, please feel free to stop by and see Jay, he’s a wealth of information.

Oceanic Avenue LLC
Tropical Saltwater Fish & Corals
2751 Enterprise Rd Ste 111
Orange City, FL