Week 2: Remarkable Agriscience Online Activity 4/6 – 4/10 (K-5)

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaAgriscience
Grade LevelK-5
Week #
Unit of InstructionPollinator Garden
Standard(s) Taught


Identify animals important to agriculture.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Special area right now is for enrichment purposes only.
Work will be kept at a minimum in order to reduce the workload for our students working from home.  Any assignment given in special areas will due on April 30th and will be highlighted so it will be clear.


Classroom Activities

Dear Ivy Hawn Families,

     First, let me start off by saying how much I miss you all!!  I hope everything is going well with online schooling (I’m a parent too…I understand), even in our time apart, I think of your children and I’m wishing you all well.  As we continue our Remarkable Agriscience series, we’ll be completing our pollinator garden.  I’ve enjoyed creating this garden at my home, watching the pollinators arrive, but more than that, I’ve enjoyed sharing this space with your children!  They ask so many questions about “Mrs. Potter’s home” and having this unique opportunity to be transparent with them and at the same time, share agriculture from our small farm, it brings me joy.  The times may be like nothing we’ve experienced before and nothing I certainly hope we ever have to again, but my wish for all of my Ivy Hawn families, is that you are finding the blessings…we’ve found them in our time together creating this special garden.  Enjoy and please check out the questions below.  🙂

Sending virtual hugs,

Mrs. Potter

Assignments Due

OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT:  Please have your child pick one assignment between now and April 30th to turn in for a grade.

For all of the questions below, please feel free to e-mail me your answers or pictures at:  potters@ivyhawnschool.org OR you can send me your information through Remind.  Our agriscience Remind code is @bhc2fa  

Please choose 1 assignment below and e-mail or Remind it to me, please make sure that your FULL NAME and grade level are on the assignment or the e-mail or Remind, that helps a LOT! 🙂

K-1st grade assignment choices (you only need to complete one):  

  1.  Draw a picture of your favorite plant. 
  2.  Draw a picture of your favorite pollinator (bee, butterfly, hummingbird, etc.)

2nd-3rd grade assignment choices (you only need to complete one):

  1. Tell what your favorite pollinator is and give 2 reasons why.
  2. Take a picture of a pollinating plant around your house and send it to me (make sure mom or dad says it’s okay to use their phone!)

4th-5th grade assignment choices (you only need to complete one):

  1. Take a picture of a pollinating plant around your house and tell me what type of pollinator you think would like that plant and why – you only need one reason why (the color, the fragrance, etc…use what you learned! 🙂  Also, make sure you have mom or dad’s permission to use their phone, or yours, to take the picture!).
  2. Pick a different pollinator that you would like to learn about and tell me what it is and why you want to learn about them.  Remember, we’ve studied bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.  There are a LOT more pollinators, get creative! 🙂
Additional Resources