(2-3) Q3 W2-4 Native American Theatre

TeacherRachel Terhune
Subject AreaElementary Drama
Grade Level2-3
Week #2-4
Unit of InstructionNative Am Theatre
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will be assessed on Native American Theatre History.
Students will rehearse scenes.
Students will utilize script analysis.
Students will practice character development.
Students will construct characters.
Students will work as a group, involving all dynamics.
Students will perform scenes in front of class.
Students will use their voices with projection .

Classroom Activities

Native American Theatre History lesson
Assignment of playscripts – The Strongest One (Zuni Tribe)
Rehearsal of scenes
Performances in front of class (no memorization)

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

The Day They Stole All the Colors by Hector Santiago