INFO on Down the Rabbit Hole


January 18th – 5th Grade

Show #1

Call Time: 5:45pm
Show Time: 6:00pm

Classes performing: Perdisatt, Bartlett & Kimmel

Show #2
Call Time: 6:45pm
Show Time: 7:00pm

Classes performing: Languirand, Perrick & Simmons

January 25th – 4th Grade

Show #1
Call Time: 5:45pm
Show Time: 6:00pm

Performing classes: Manning, Willis & Kisgeropoulos

Show #2
Call Time: 6:45pm
Show Time: 7:00pm

Performing classes: Infante, Brumley & Clayton



Alice – a blue dress and white apron.  
White Rabbit – Rabbit ears, nose, a vest, pants
Caterpillar – This one can get a bit conceptual.  Could be just a green shirt and pants with antennae, or something with trailing baubles and legs.  But again it must be something the actor can dance in.
Cheshire Cat – Purple and pink clothes, cat ears
Mad Hatter – An oversize top hat, vest, colorful pants and shirt
March Hare – Colorful pants and shirt, rabbit ears and nose
Dormouse – Mouse ears and nose, pajamas (include shoes)
Tweedledee – (This and Tweedledum are the only ones that have to be exact as they need to match) Red shirt, jeans, clown bow tie
Tweedledum – (This and Tweedledee are the only ones that have to be exact as they need to match) Blue shirt, jeans, clown bow tie
Red Queen of Hearts – You can go over the top or simple: red dress, crown
Knave of Hearts – Red/black/white outfit or a full card costume (just no kings or queens)
White Queen – You can go over the top or simple: white dress, crown
Walrus – Blacks, grays.  If you’d like to add padding, that would be fine.  Tusks are ok, as long as the actor can speak clearly around them.  No flippers, please.
Carpenter – Overalls or jeans, work shirt, they may have a tool belt, but no real tools please (toys only if needed). 
Old Oyster – White, gray or silver clothes but if you’d like to add stage makeup or a white wig to indicate “old” you can.
Narrators – Colorful clothes that are still school appropriate.  Please stay away from brands, logos, and texts.  Solids and patterns are okay.

UNDERSTUDIES – Please follow your class costume designation below.  If you are asked to step into a lead role at the last minute, I will assist with costuming.

For our classmates without named parts:

Kimmel, Simmons, Infante, Manning – These are animals/flowers!  All students are encouraged to wear animal or flower dress-up clothes.  As elaborate or simple as you’d like.  No pieces that “hang” off the costumes (roots, vines, giant petal/animal headpieces, etc.)

Perdisatt, Perrick, Brumley, Willis – These are cards of the Red Queen’s Court!  Red, white or black clothing and mixes and matches of those colors.  If you’d like to do an official card shirt or dress, that’s fine as long as there are no queens or kings.

Bartlett, Laguirand, Kisgeropoulos, Clayton – These are oysters! White, silver, or gray clothing and mixes and matches of those colors.  

The most important part of costuming is to make sure all friends are still able to move comfortably for their class’s dance and they’re not blocking other friends while on the risers.

I’m available by email for any questions or concerns. @ihedrama on Remind and