(K-1) Q3 W3-4 Build a Play

TeacherRachel Terhune
Subject AreaElementary Drama
Grade LevelK-1
Week #3-4
Unit of InstructionStory Building
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will discuss the differences between stories and plays.
Students will construct an original plot outline, characters, setting, and conflict.
Students will work together in solidifying storyline.
Students will use movement in character study exercise.
Students will practice good sportsmanship. 
Students will rehearse a short, original skit.
Students will perform skit.

Classroom Activities

Discuss the difference between stories and plays.
Using a fairy tale formula sheet, layout a plot for a short play.
Teacher will use those layouts to construct short skits for everyone to perform.
Game – Fairy Tale Fruit Salad

Assignments Due
Additional Resources