(2-3) ASSIGNMENT OPTION 1 – A Play’s Ending


TeacherRachel Terhune
Subject AreaElementary Drama
Grade Level2-3
Week #
Unit of InstructionStory Building
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will exercise story-building skills, primarily focusing on conclusions to a story.
Students will practice writing skills.
Students will review script analysis/reading.

Classroom Activities

Special area right now is for enrichment purposes only.
Work will be kept at a minimum in order to reduce the workload for our students working from home.

The following is an assignment that can be chosen to send in for assessment.  They are allowed to choose any one exercise from my assignment options. 
It is not due until April 30th.

Please access the link in the additional resources field below.  Click this link for an interactive playwriting course where your student will review a simple scene where the ending needs to be completed.  Students should pay close attention to all story elements provided: script, background, setting, character, etc.  

If unable to access the video, have your student create an alternate ending to their favorite book.  

Assignments Due

Alternate Ending to either the Cinderella play (PBS Learning Media) or to their favorite story.
***If you’d like to send your responses to Mrs. Terhune, please do so by Apr 30th via video or email to terhuner@ivyhawnschool.org.***

Additional Resources