Video Sources

Here are a couple of excellent streaming services if you’re looking to brush up on your theatre.  Please use discretion when picking shows for your students.  While many are available, some may not be appropriate for their age group.

PBS Broadway: Excellent resource with several classics for any age: Sound of Music, The King and I, Holiday Inn are personal favorites:

National Theatre Home: This is service from the UK streaming amazing shows with a bend toward the older kids (Shakespeare, Shaw, etc.).  They’re releasing a full-length show every Thursday:

James Corden’s 12 Min of Musicals: And this is just a fun compilation of a bunch of musicals being done by James Corden, Lin Manuel Miranda (with a quick cameo by Kermit the Frog):

Nat’l Youth Storytelling Showcase: If your student is interested in storytelling, here’s an example of a festival for students around their age.