(K-1) ASSIGNMENT OPTION 3 – We’re Detectives!


TeacherRachel Terhune
Subject AreaElementary Drama
Grade LevelK-1
Week #
Unit of InstructionCharacter Study
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will review detective video.
Students will discern the reactions/character developments.
Students will determine clues and solve a mystery based on their findings.

Classroom Activities

Special area right now is for enrichment purposes only.
Work will be kept at a minimum in order to reduce the workload for our students working from home.

The following is an assignment that can be chosen to send in for assessment.  They are allowed to choose any one exercise from my assignment options. 
It is not due until April 30th.

In this lesson, students will view the video, The Case of the Smelly Backpack.  The young performers in the video will ask your student to perform some of the events and reactions of the story.  Once completed there’s a worksheet to fill out with that asks a few simple questions on how they solved the mystery.

If anyone should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at terhuner@ivyhawnschool.org or through Remind (@ihedrama)

Assignments Due

Review the Case of the Smelly Backpack video.
Download/print and fill out the worksheet.  Turn in either by taking a picture of/scanning and emailing to me.
***If you’d like to send this worksheet to Mrs. Terhune, please do so at terhuner@ivyhawnschool.org by Apr 30th***

Additional Resources