Week 1 & 2 (K-1) Mar 30th-Apr 10th What have you been up to?


TeacherRachel Terhune
Subject AreaElementary Drama
Grade LevelK-1
Week #
Unit of InstructionWarm Up
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will exercise vocal/physical warm ups for performance.

Classroom Activities

***This exercise is spanning two weeks as everyone gets back into working with specials***

Welcome back, everyone!  I’ve missed all of you so much.  Let’s just have a quick check-in and a warm-up.  Here’s a reminder of a bunch of our warm-up exercises.  Please see the video attached to this lesson plan as well.

List of warm-up exercises:
– Neck rolls
– Arm circles
– Shoulder lifts/drops
– Toe touches and rolling spine back in place
– Deep breaths, in through nose/out through mouth
– Yawns with slight vocalization
– 5 Times Run (Ho, Ha, Hey, Hee, Hoo)
– Big face/little face
– Gum chew
– Tongue twisters: Red leather, yellow leather; Unique New York; Rubber baby buggy bumpers; Make your own!


Assignments Due

Do a Warm Up at home along with Mrs. Terhune in her video

Additional Resources