Q1W1-3 Science

TeacherCasandra Sprague
Subject AreaScience
Grade Level5th Grade
Week #1-3
Unit of InstructionIntroduction to Science
Standard(s) Taught
  • SC.5.N.2.1
  • SC.5.N.1.6
  • SC.5.N.1.1
  • SC.5.N.2.2
  • SC.5.N.1.3
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Verified observations, interpretations, and personal opinions.

3 types of investigations

controls and variables


steps of scientific process


Classroom Activities
Week One
  • Set up a science notebook
  • explain that science is grounded on evidence-based observations that are testable
    • Explain the difference between verified observation and opinion
    • distinguish between examples of empirical evidence and personal opinion/observation
Week Two
  • Go over the 3 types of investigations 
  • what are variables and control groups
  • bias
Week Three
  • Generate testable questions that will generate observable and testable data
  • Formulate a testable hypothesis 
  • Use scientific tools during investigations
  • Explain that all conditions outside the manipulated variable must be kept the same
  • Organize data in appropriate forms 
  • Interpret and analyze data that has been collected
  • Generate appropriate explanations of results
  • Recognize that results from experiments can vary even when common tools and procedures are used
  • discuss the reasons that differences might occur
  • explain the need for repeated trials
Assignments Due
  • Types of Investigations quiz
  • Justin’s New Dog sorting activity



Additional Resources