Week 5 April 27 Remote Learning

TeacherDanielle Bartlett
Subject AreaELA & Social Studies
Grade Level5
Week #
Unit of Instruction
Standard(s) Taught

LAFS.5.RL.3.9 – Compare and contrast stories in the same genre (e.g., mysteries and adventure stories) on approaches to similar themes and topics

LAFS.5.W.3.9b – Draw evidence from informational text to support analysis and reflection.

LAFS.5.SL.1.1c – Pose and respond to specific questions and contribute to discussions

LAFS.5.SL.1.1d – Review the key ideas expressed and draw conclusions.

LAFS.5.L.3.4b – Use Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word.

SS.5.A.6.1 – Describe the causes and effects of the Louisiana Purchase.

SS.5.A.6.2 – Identify roles and contributions of significant people during the period of westward expansion.

SS.5.A.6.4 – Explain the importance of the explorations west of the Mississippi River.

SS.5.A.6.5 – Identify the causes and effects of the War of 1812.

SS.5.A.6.6 – Explain how westward expansion affected Native Americans.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Week 5 April 27-May 1

Because we have had some issues accessing some of the websites in the past week I have attached items that can be used if a student can’t access a website in the Classroom activities section below. These are all in PDF documents and can be printed or they can just be viewed and answers written on paper to send me a picture or answers typed in an email and sent to me.

Monday –

                Reading –

  • Lesson 21 Part 1 Video https://bit.ly/Lesson22pt1
  • Quick Write – How do the events in “Goodbye, DXL-597” and “The Last Imperfection” illustrate the theme “Be careful what you wish for”? Use your writing prompt tab in the class notebook on Teams. You can create a new page for each new prompt in your own writing notebook.
  • Ixl – FF.4

                Social Studies –

  • Gold Rush – Today you will begin working on the Gold Rush. This activity needs to take you three days to complete. There is a flip book that is printable if you would like to print it. If you don’t want to print it you can do all of the activities on paper, just look at the pages of the flipbook to see what you need to do. You should do two pages of the booklet each day Monday – Wednesday. Take your time on the activities please, don’t rush through them. I have posted the resources to this assignment in Teams. You will go to the assignments tab in Teams and you will find the link to both the presentation and the flipbook. Pages 2-3 if you can’t access it in Teams here is the link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1t3lS28IoZzOGQh1YfYp4hImb-mvO8QpGW9hoDhPL0_M/edit?usp=sharing once you open it click present in the top right corner to be able to click on the different parts of the presentation and move directly to other parts.

Tuesday –

                Reading –

                Social Studies –

  • Gold Rush flip book pages 4-5

Wednesday –

                Reading –

  • Iready – 30 minutes minimum

                Social Studies –

  • Gold Rush flip book pages 6-7

Thursday –

Reading –

                Social Studies –

  • Newsela.com California Gold Rush

Friday –

                Reading –

                Social Studies –

  • Brainpop – Gold Rush


Classroom Activities

Assignment checklist

Written Response example from Lesson 22 part 2

Gold Rush flip book: Lesson8-Student_Flipbook

If Brainpop won’t work for you it can be read and questions answered on paper. Gold Rush Movie Transcript – BrainPOP U.S. History – Gold Rush Quiz Brainpop

If you need a printable copy of Newsela, you will also need to add to it the written response which is to write a paragraph: Write a short paragraph that explains the central idea of the article. Use at least two details from the article to support your response. Newsela history-california-gold-rush-50712-article_and_quiz

Lesson 22 Comparing and Contrasting Stories in the Same Genre

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

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