THIS WEEK: May 18 – May 22

Mrs. de Rose’s email:  

Office Hours: 10:00-11:30 and 1:30-3:00. This is when I will be available to answer questions through email, teams, or remind. If needed, we can even schedule a video conference through Teams to help with work or answer questions. Parents OR students 🙂 

Please join us on remind at 


This week will be a little different. There will be no social studies and you only have the 2 assignments listed below. I will give you a few options on how to complete them and you can choose what works best for you.

Assignment 1: i-Ready Diagnostic 3

      Log onto i-Ready through vPortal. You need to complete the reading diagnostic. You may do it all in one day or you may break it up over several days. It is important to understand that this is something that will be looked at as you enter 6th grade as to your level and what your reading needs are. Make sure you are doing your best work, taking your time, and carefully reading and going back into the text to find your answers. If you choose to break it up over several days be sure not to stop in the middle of a story. Work for at least 20 min every day. This is all I am taking for a grade this week. IT MUST BE COMPLETED BY FRIDAY THE 22ND.


Assignment 2: Missing Work Makeup

     If you have missing assignments this is your chance to make them up. To make up your missing assignments follow these instructions.

1. Look at gradebook to see if you have any missing assignments and what they are. Anything with a red X is a missing assignment.

2. Use the lesson plans on Classroom Connect or Teams to find the log in codes and information about your missing assignments to help you log in and complete them.

3. Once you have completed a missing assignment send me an email at OR a message on Remind with the Week and the Names of the assignments you completed. If you just send me a message that says I completed all my missing work, I will message you back to tell you to send me a message with the Week and Names of the assignments so that I can go and check and be able to update gradebook. DO NOT send me a message on Teams about making up missing assignments. It is very easy for messages to get lost or overlooked there, it needs to be an email or message on Remind. You have until May 28th. To make up any missing work.