WEEK 6: MAY 4-8

Q4W6 Online learning May 4-8

Ms. Kimmel’s email: 


lskimmel@voluisa.k12.fl.us to use for OFFICE 365 emails (For PPT)

*Join our class remind here: class code is @Kimmelmat CLICK HERE

**Submitting Work: Submit all work via email,  Microsoft word (through office 365 on vportal) or print and scan work and email it. Please be sure to title the subject of the email the title of the assignment. ** (Some assignments will be graded upon completetion if the assignment was a digital format and score will be sent to me automatically.) 

OFFICE HOURS: 10:00-11:30 and 1:30-3:00. This is when I will be available to answer questions through email, or remind.  IF needed we can even schedule a video conference through Teams (or face time)  to help with work or answer questions.  Parents OR Students. 🙂

STUDENTS: The quickest way to contact me is through Microsoft Teams chat on office 365 through vPortal. I will stay logged in throughout the day for you to reach me, and I will also schedule set times for our whole class to  meet to touch base. ****Make sure you check your office 365 email regularly. And log into teams daily for any messages I may have sent****

ATTENDANCE:  We must see that you are doing work daily to be counted as present and actively participating.

***GRADES: Weekly grades will be taken from ALL WEEKLY work completed and submitted to the teacher either through email or digital platforms.  The weekly assignments will be added together and an average score will be given as the weekly assessments score.***



MAFS.5.NBT.2 Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths.
MAFS.5.NBT.2.5 Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm. 
MAFS.5.NBT.2.6 Find whole-number quotients of whole numbers with up to four-digit dividends and two-digit divisors, using strategies based on place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship between multiplication and division. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.


MONDAY Staycation Activity

  • Login to Office 365 to find the PowerPoint I shared with you titled: “Summer Staycation Project (Your Name)”
  • Read the directions on the first couple of opening slides  Video directions if needed
  • You will have all week to finish the project, but I would suggest sticking with one attraction per day to pace yourself
  • IMPORTANT: The document will save to your name automatically as you edit it in Office 365 (so you don’t need to email me anything, I will see your edits live).

TUESDAY Staycation Activity

  • Continue to work on your staycation activity (30 minutes of working)

WEDNESDAY Staycation Activity

  • Continue to work on your staycation activity (30 minutes of working)

THURSDAY Staycation Activity

  • Continue to work on your staycation activity (30 minutes of working)


  • **Staycation activity due today for a formative grade** Due by 3:00pm I will be looking at your work. You do NOT have to email me what you did as the activity is a live document and I can see what you did when I open it. 
  • ***iready lesson 30 min if you finish a lesson or quiz before then continue until you get to 30 minutes.




SC.5.N.1.5 Recognize and explain that authentic scientific investigation frequently does not parallel the steps of “the scientific
method.” (DOK 2)
SC.5.N.2.1 Recognize and explain that science is grounded in empirical observations that are testable; explanation must always be
linked with evidence. (DOK 2)
SC.5.N.1.6 Recognize and explain the difference between personal opinion/interpretation and verified observation. (DOK 2)
LAFS.5.L.3.AP.6b Use grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words and phrases accurately within
informational writing.
LAFS.5.RI.3.AP.7a Locate information from multiple print or digital sources on the same topic.

MONDAY Scientist Biography Project


TUESDAY Continue Scientist Biography

  • Continue to research and work on your project (30 min of working)


WEDNESDAY Continue Scientist Biography

  • Continue to work on your project (30 min of working)


THURSDAY Continue Scientist Biography

  • Continue to work on your project (30 min of working)


FRIDAY Scientist Biography

  • Finish and turn in your project for your formative grade Due by 3:00pm
  • If you do a power point please complete in office and  “share” to me in office 365 to lskimmel@volusia.k12.fl.us
  • If you do a paper version then just attach the edited document with your facts into an email at either email address for me OR send me a picture of your finished paper to remind or email.  Kimmell@ivyhawnschool.org