Week 2: April 6-10

e-Learning Assignments:

Learning Targets – Students will explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points in a text and can identify which reasons and evidence support which point(s).

Social Studies –
Learning targets – Students will be able to explain he causes, events, and effects of the War of 1812 as it related to Westward Expansion. Students will be able to explain the impact of the Indian Removal Act and describe what the Trail of Tears was.

Monday:  ELA –  45 minutes of I-Ready. Log on through v Portal. You should be able to complete 1 or 2 lessons and quizzes.

SS – Go to nearpod.com and use code LSFYJ to join Lesson 3. Complete all sections of the nearpod. You will need your Western Expansion Packet pages 6-7 to complete this lesson. If you do not have your packet please print off from the attachment below.

ss lesson 3-4

Tuesday:   ELA – Go to scholasticStoryworks.com  then go to log on and pick I’m a student.  Then enter the classroom password kitetruck2722.  In the search bar type “Blood, Smoke and Freedom”.  Today you are going to listen to Lauren Tarshis in a video and complete the companion activity. Scroll down to the Multimedia tab,  Click on the video in Storyworks to begin, when you are finished viewing click on the following:

video activity

SS – go to BrainPOP.com Join your class group with the code (Perdisatt homeroom – blink0559 or Rosso homeroom – grease7903) You will have to set up your own user name and password, alpha code. this is a new account that Ivy Hawn just set up for us. Do the assignment “Trail of Tears” and the quiz to see how much you’ve learned from the video.  After you have watched the video complete the graded quiz as a review and email me your results. You can either print out the quiz and send me a picture of it completed OR you can complete the quiz online and once finished there is a button link at the bottom of the quiz that says “email results to your teacher” Please do this so I can see that you completed the work. My email is perdisattb@ivyhawnschool.org

Wednesday – Storyworks – sign in using kitetruck2722 and go back to “Blood, Smoke and Freedom”.  Today you will read the story and complete an activity that is focused on finding evidence, and a short quiz, NOT a formative, to see how much you learned! IF you cannot download and print the links, simply write your answers on a piece of paper and take a picture and send to me either on remind or email!    quiz

text evidence activity – 

SS- Go to nearpod.com and use code ATPOG to join Lesson 4. Complete all sections of the nearpod. You will need your Western Expansion Packet pages 8-9 to complete this lesson. If you do not have your packet please print off from the attachment below.
trail of tears

Thursday – Writing – Now that you have completed your introduction, you should use your graphic organizer to create your body paragraphs.  You should have at least three paragraphs with a minimum of 5 sentences in each!  Remember to use the elaboration sentence starters to help you elaborate and give evidence. . Using the ACE paragraph format, elaboration comes after the citation/text-based evidence.
1. The 1st sentence after the citation would start with-
To explain/elaborate, in other words, the author/text means/is saying…
3. The 2nd sentence will start with one of these sentence starters:
1. This means… 2. This shows…
3. This explains… 4. This expresses…
5. This suggests that… 6. This illustrates…
4. The 3rd sentence will start with one of these sentence starters:
1. The effect of this is… 2. The result of this is…
3. A consequence of this is… 4. This proves…
5. This reveals… 6. This may make someone feel _______ because…
Please share this with me.

SS– View the 1812 painting by John Gast and answer the questions about what you think he was saying about Manifest Destiny – Painting analysis v

questionsManifest Destiny Painting analysis.docx Manifest Destiny Painting analysis
1. What do you think is the message of the painting?
2. What is the weather like?
3. What are the people doing?
4. What kinds of animals do you see?
5. What do the Native Americans appear to be doing?
6. What types of transportation do you see?
7. What are the two things that the floating woman is holding?
8. In two sentences compare the eastern United States and the west.

Friday –  ELA- I-Ready – assigned skill – text evidence. When you go into I-Ready you should click on assigned skill to complete the assignment and quiz, this IS a formative! This will be taken for a grade!

SS – You are going to go on a digital scavenger hunt! Follow this link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=S3jpkwc1_0C8AVnqihp7ccF-kZwf2PVBu_Nuswu87bdUQzNLOFc3Wk5XRUREQlM4QUQxTTBGOUw1RS4u and have fun! The digital scavenger hunt will be taken as a grade. There is no paper to turn in.

Assignment Checklist for the week:

Monday – I Ready 45 minutes and  Nearpod lesson 3 – War of 1812 and packet pages 6-7

Tuesday  – Storyworks; Watch the video and Complete video activity and Watch BrainPOP video on Trail of Tears and do quiz

Wednesday – Storyworks: read the story and complete the quiz(for review) and the text evidence activity. For SS Nearpod lesson 4 Trail of tears and packet ps.8-9

Thursday – Writing  and for SS view the painting and answer the questions.

Friday – I Ready teacher assignment – I Ready quiz(formative) and scavenger hunt  (formative)

Racing in the Rain ch 23-24 – I had trouble getting this to link so I may try to Zoom and read with you live.