Q2W7 Jan5-8

TeacherBarbara Perdisatt
Subject AreaELA/Social Studies
Grade Level5
Week #Q2W7 Jan5-8
Unit of InstructionModule 2
Standard(s) Taught

• LAFS.5.RL.1.2 – Distinguish important story events and details. Summarize a story, drama, or poem.
• LAFS.5.RI.3.9 – Integrate information from several texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably.
• LAFS.5.L.3.4 – Use Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word.
• LAFS.5.L.3.6 – Acquire and use academic and domain-specific words and phrases.
• SS.5.A.4.1 – Identify the economic, political and socio-cultural motivation for colonial settlement.
• SS.5.A.4.2 – Compare characteristics of New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.
• SS.5.A.4.3 – Identify significant individuals responsible for the development of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.
• SS.5.A.4.4 – Demonstrate an understanding of political, economic, and social aspects of daily colonial life in the thirteen colonies.
• SS.5.A.4.5 – Explain the importance of Triangular Trade linking Africa, the West Indies, the British Colonies, and Europe.
• SS.5.A.4.6 – Describe the introduction, impact, and role of slavery in the colonies.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• Students will summarize a text by identifying characters, settings, problems, events, and solutions.
Students will synthesize key details to summarize a text.
• Students will explain what a colonist and colony is and how colonists arrived in North America
• Students will explain there are 13 colonies and describe their locations.
• Students will explain why colonists came to America.
• Students will describe colonial life including housing, schools, daily life, communities.
• Students will describe Triangular Trade and the impact it had in colonial times.

Classroom Activities

Colonies Packet
Ready Reading Lesson 9 – Summarizing a text
Writing – Opinion

Assignments Due

opinion Writing prompt
spelling and vocab lesson 15
Ready Reading Lesson 9

Additional Resources

Spelling and Vocabulary Words Lesson 15A There are only 5 words and 10 prefixes this week
1. Corrupt – to cause (someone or something) to become dishonest or immoral; to cause a change for the worse.
2. Disruptive – causing something to be unable to continue in the normal way; interrupting the normal progress or activity of something.
3. Erupt – to send out rocks, ash, lava in a sudden explosion; to happen or begin suddenly or violently.
4. Interrupt – to cause something to stop happening for a time; to ask questions or say things while another person is speaking.
5. Rupture – a crack or break in something; a break or tear in a part of the body.
Latin Number Prefixes
Uni – one
Bi – two
Tri – three
Quad – four
Quint – five
Sex – six
Sept – seven
Oct – eight
Non – nine
Dec – ten