Mrs. Rosso’s Digital Learning General Information

Dear Families,

I hope you all are healthy and happy!  I miss all of your faces and interactions.  During the time-frame that students are to work from home, I will be staying in touch with you all through Remind 101 or e-mail.  If you have not subscribed to Remind 101, as of yet, the codes are below for your reference.  Please note that any assignments online should be the student’s own work and completed with integrity.  I will be utilizing a variety of sources to ensure that lessons do not become mundane and boring, no “just textbook pages” here!  That being said, please be patient and flexible.  On any assignments students must log in using their Full Name, no nicknames will be accepted, as I cannot tie the data to an unknown nickname.  Thank you for understanding!

Science Fair projects are still expected to be completed.  The original deadline was May 1st, if by chance we are not in school at that time, I will make arrangements as needed.  Please look for any information regarding it through Remind 101 as we take the at home schedule day by day.

Students will have access to assignments through their V-Portal accounts.  The expectation is that they will complete 45 minutes of Math and Science daily.  I will have assignments designated in a daily format, however students may work ahead if they choose, or work on Math assignments for one day and Science the next.  I will be flexible on your schedule; as long as, students complete the assignments in order and get it all done by Friday at 3 PM.  At that time I will input grades and notate missing assignments in the grade book.

If at anytime you have difficulties or need help, please contact me via remind or e-mail.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you contact me outside of my office hours, I will get back to you the following day. 

The Kennedy Space Center field trip is cancelled.  Ms. Perdisatt and I have submitted any refund information to our bookkeeper and we’ve been told checks will be sent directly to your address on file.  

I look forward to touching base with you!


Mrs. Rosso

E-mail Address: 

Office Hours:  8:00 AM-3:00 PM

Remind Codes

Rosso Homeroom: @h49a6d

Perdisatt Homeroom:  @3bghdk

Resources to be utilized:

Nearpod, IXL, I-Ready, Brainpop, Discovery Science, Cpalms, and others.