Q1W8 (10/19-10/23)

Weekly-Assignments-October 19-23

TeacherKathleen Manning
Subject AreaMath and Science
Grade Level4
Week #8
Unit of InstructionAdd/Subtract Multi-Digit Numbers; Earth's Features
Standard(s) Taught

MATH: 4.NBT.2.5
Use strategies and properties to multiply by 1 digit and 2 digit numbers.

Investigate how technology and tools help extend the ability of humans to observe very small and very large objects.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

The student will:
– Review standards and concepts for Earth’s Patterns and Space for a test on Wednesday.
– use manipulatives or drawings of rectangular arrays and/or array models to solve and explain multi-digit
multiplication problems
– apply an understanding of rectangular arrays and area models to connect to the partial products strategy.
– discuss the types of investigations in which a webcam, telescope, microscope, or hand lens might be used.
– research the histories of the microscope and telescope.
– identify the telescope and satellite as tools that have allowed scientists to see very large things such as the Earth,
the solar system, and parts of the universe.

Classroom Activities

Math Book, Lessons 2, 3, 4
Math group work with manipulatives
I-Ready Weekly Math Lesson
Investigating telescopes, microscopes, and satellites
Science Review/Kahoot
Science Test (Earth’s Patterns and Space) on Wednesday
IXL: D15, D16, D23

Assignments Due

Math: My Homework, pp. 207-208 (due Tuesday)
My Homework, pp. 213-214 (due Wednesday)
I-Ready Weekly Lesson (Wednesday in class)
My Homework, pp. 219-220 (due Friday)
Check My Progress, pp. 221-222 (in class Friday)

Science: Study Review Sheet (given Monday) for Test on Wednesday
Science Test on Wednesday
Questions – Microscopes, Telescopes, Satellites (due Friday)

Additional Resources