Q3W6 (2/10-2/14)

TeacherKathleen Manning
Subject AreaMath/Science/Social Studies
Grade Level4
Week #6
Unit of InstructionDecimals/Sound/St. Augustine
Standard(s) Taught

MATH        4.NF.3.5     4.NF.3.6    4.NF.3.7

  • Understand and compare decimals

SCIENCE     SC.4.P.10.3 

  • Investigate and explain that sound is produced by vibrating objects and that pitch depends on how fast or slow the object vibrates.

SOCIAL STUDIES     SS.4.A.3.3     SS.4.A.3.5

  • Identify the significance of St. Augustine as the oldest permanent European settlement in the U.S.
  • Identify the significance of Fort Mose as the first free African community in the U.S.
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

The student will:

  • Represent a fraction with denominator 10 as an equivalent fraction with denominator 100 by using the conceptual understanding of the relationship between altering the size of the parts and the resulting effect on the number of parts.
  • Add two fractions with respective denominators 10 and 100 by finding equivalent fractions with like denominators.
  • Demonstrate place value of decimals through the hundredths using concrete models (eg. decimal grids, base ten blocks, number lines).
  • Describe the requirements/components necessary for sound to be produced.
  • Investigate the production of sound (eg. tuning forks hollow tubes, vocal cords, or water bottles filled with different amounts of water).
  • Explain that sound is produced by vibrating objects.
  • Investigate variations in pitch (eg. water bottle liquids, rulers, straws, rubber bands).
  • Explain that pitch depends on the speed (fast and slow) an object vibrates and the measurement (size and length) of the object.
  • Summarize St. Augustine’s significance in Florida history and U.S. history.
Classroom Activities

Math Stations

I-ready weekly lessons

IXL: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5   Decimals

Science Activities on Sound


Assignments Due

Weekly Assignment Sheet Activities

St. Augustine Packet for park badge

Science write up


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