Q3W7 (2/14 – 2/18)

TeacherKathleen Manning
Subject AreaMath and Science
Grade Level4
Week #7
Unit of InstructionMultiplication of Fractions/Line Plots/Conductors and Insulators
Standard(s) Taught

MATH: MAFS.4.NF.2.4 MAFS.4.MD.2.4

– Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication to multiply a fraction by a whole number.
– Represent and interpret data on line plots.

SCIENCE: SC.4.P.11.2

– Identify common materials that conduct heat well or poorly.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

The student will:

– Decompose a fraction into unit fractions (fractions with numerators of 1) and record the conclusion with a multiplication equation.
– Recognize that a fraction a/b is a multiple of 1/b
– Recognize that a multiple of a/b is also a multiple of 1/b (eg. 3 groups of 2/5 has the same value as 6 groups of 1/5) and use this understanding to multiply a fraction by a whole number.
– Solve word problems that involve multiplying a fraction by a whole number using visual models and equations.
– Create a line plot to display measurement data including fraction units of halves, quarters, and eighths.
– Use the measurement data on a line plot to solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators.

– Review how things that give off light often give off heat.
– Review how heat is produced when two objects rub against each other.
– Investigate heat energy by measuring temperature changes in a liquid.
– Compare observations with classmates explaining any differences that occur.
– Collect and record temperature readings during investigations in charts, tables, and graphs.
– Investigate which materials are the best conductors of heat (clay, metal, glass).
– Investigate which materials are non-conductors/insulators of heat (plastic, wood, styrofoam).
– Make inferences about observations made during conductivity investigations.
– Form conclusions about which materials conduct heat well or poorly based on investigations.

Classroom Activities

Weekly I-Ready (45 minutes) Lessons on Wednesday
Review for fraction Multiplication test on Tuesday (standards practice #3)
Multiplication of Fractions Test – Tuesday
Study Jams- “Line Plots”
Math Book #2, Chapter 11, Lesson 8 “Display Measurement Data in a Line Plot” pp. 743-748
Line Plot practice- small groups
“Conductors and Insulators” reading
“Cool and Not so Cool Materials”
“Cool Conductors” activity
“Heat Energy Conduction” booklet

Assignments Due
Additional Resources