Q3W8 (2/24-2/28)

AssignmentsWeek of Feb 24-28

TeacherKathleen Manning
Subject AreaMath/Science/Social Studies
Grade Level4
Week #8
Unit of InstructionDecimals/Energy Sources/FL during Reconstruction
Standard(s) Taught

MATH        4.NF.3.5     4.NF.3.6    4.NF.3.7

  • Understand and compare decimals

 SCIENCE            SC.4.P.10.1     SC.4.P.10.2   SC.4.P.10.3    SC.4.P.10.4    SC.4.P.11.1   SC.4.P.11.2     SC.4.P.12.1     SC.4.P.12.2

  • Observe and describe some basic forms of energy.


  •  Summarize challenges Floridians faced during Reconstruction


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

The student will:

  • Add two fractions with respective denominators 10 and 100 by finding equivalent fractions with like denominators.
  • Translate a fraction with a denominator of 10 or 100 into its equivalent decimal form
  • Translate a decimal to the tenths or hundredths place into its equivalent fraction form.
  • Represent a decimal value on a number line.
  • Explain that decimals can only be compared when they refer to the same size wholes.
  • Identify major moments in Florida’s Civil War history.
  • Identify the events surrounding Reconstruction.
  • Describe the challenges of Reconstruction in Florida including segregation. (sharecropping, black participation in state and federal governments)
  • Use and participate in classroom experiments to investigate motion, sound, light, and heat energy.
Classroom Activities

Weekly assignment sheet – Math, Science, Social Studies assignments/activities

I-Ready weekly lesson

IXL-  T14 – T19   Decimals

FSA Skills Practice 

Small group stations

Science Experiment Day (this Wednesday and next Wednesday). Miss Manning, Miss Brackney, and Miss Mariner will rotate classes for experiments throughout the day for experiments on energy.


Assignments Due

Weekly assignment sheet (see Assignment sheet link below under MEDIA)

Math class work 

IReady lesson


Additional Resources

*Students have BOOK FAIR this week. Our Browse day is Tuesday and our buy day is Thursday.

*Missing assignments can be completed and turned in for a grade.