W7 E-Learning (5/11 – 5/15)

TeacherKathleen Manning
Subject AreaMath, Science, SS
Grade Level4
Week #7
Unit of InstructionArea, Perimeter, Prob. Solving/Humans vs Environment/Famous Floridians
Standard(s) Taught

MATH:      4.MD.1.3   4.OA.1.2    4.OA.1.3    4.NBT.2.4   4.NBT.2.5    4.NBT.2.6

  • Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems.
  • Solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations, including problems in which remainders must be interpreted. Represent these problems using equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity. Assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding.

SCIENCE:    SC.4.L.17.4

  • Recognize ways plants and animals, including humans, help and harm the environment.


  • Describe contributions of significant individuals to Florida.
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

The student will:

  •  Apply the perimeter formula (P = 2l + 2w) in real world and mathematical situations. 
  • Apply the area formula (A = l × w) in real world and mathematical situations. 
  • Solve for missing dimensions of rectangles when provided with the perimeter and/or area. 
  • Solve problems involving area of a composite figure composed of rectangles. 
  • Solve multi-step word problems (up to 3 steps) that involve multiplication and/or division or addition/subtraction using strategies for this grade level.
  • Describe ways that humans help and harm the environment (positive: planting trees, gardening, protected areas and animals. Negative: loss of habitat, excessive use of natural resources, pollution.)
  • Identify significant figures in Florida history.
  • Describe the impact of several significant figures on Florida history.
Classroom Activities

Directions to Access Canvas Courses

               for E-Learning

  1. Students will log onto their vPortal account via the Volusia County student page https://www.vcsedu.org/students
  2. Select “Canvas” icon
  3. They should see 4 courses: English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
  4. Modules represent each week and include individual pages with directions for each day of the week in the form of a “To Do” list for students on the right hand side of the page.
  5. All assignments, videos, and activities will be linked directly onto the day.
  6. Students can e-mail me directly through the course by selecting the inbox icon on the left hand side and composing a new message. My e-mail is: kcmannin@volusia.k12.fl.us 
  7. I can also be contacted through REMIND and my Ivy Hawn email:  manningk@ivyhawnschool.org
  8. Assignments that are on paper (for example, from the Math text) can be screen shotted and emailed to me also.
  9. Please scroll down to ASSIGNMENTS DUE for a list of websites/media that students may be using. Please let me know ASAP if they are having difficulty logging in to any sites for assignments.
  10. I will schedule ZOOM meetings if needed so that I can stay in touch with students and answer any questions they may have.
Assignments Due

 Please see CANVAS individual courses for assignments.  Below is a list of websites that students have used and may be used in assignments.

List of Websites

Student user name log-ins are either alpha code email or just alpha code. Passwords are 8 digit birthdates.

  1. Studies Weekly (SS and Science Newspaper) app.studiesweekly.com
  2. FloridaStudents.org Tutorials for students in Math, Science, SS, ELA that follow state standards. Besides lessons assigned, this is a great site for students to review standards that they have learned.
  3. Brainpop Fun videos on all subjects- educational games   Brainpop.com     We have free access so student log in is:    User Name:  mandalorian        Password:  theyoda22
  4. Study Jams Fun videos on all subjects and silly karaoke. Studyjams.scholastic.com
  5. Flipgrid Students can make quick videos for assignments. User code generated for each assignment.      Flipgrid.com
  6. Seesaw A sharing platform where students can use all types of media to do an assignment. They can also see each other’s work. app.seesaw.me
  7. Nearpod A site where students can find teacher created assignment modules. An access code is generated for each module.      Nearpod.com
  8. Newsela Timely news articles and topics for research to encourage kids to read. There are comprehension questions and vocabulary as well. Newsela.com
  9.  Discovery Education Website that accompanies our Science text. app.discoveryeducation.com 
  10. ZOOM video conferencing platform zoom.com      Meeting code and password are generated for each meeting.
  11. Khan Academy Tutorials for Math khanacademy.org      A new student roster was recently created so when I assign anything from this site I will send usernames that were auto-generated (and I can’t change).  Password for all is:  Manning1
  12. 12. IXL Practice for Math, Science, ELA Students receive practice sections each week to do.
  13. 13. I-READY Math and ELA site that works off of diagnostics and gives students lessons based on their skill levels. Students practice each week and we have seen wonderful gains in learning!
Additional Resources