Q1W1 8/31 – 9/4

TeacherLori Proctor
Subject AreaMath and Science
Grade Level4th
Week #Q1 W1 8/31- 9/4
Unit of InstructionScience
Standard(s) Taught

SC4N.1.1 nature of science/scientific method
SC4N.1.8 recognize that science involves creativity in designing experiments
SC4N.1.3 science does not always follow a rigid defined method but involves observations and evidence
SC4N.2.1 science focuses solely on the natural world

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

I can:
set up a science notebook and explain the role of a scientist
generate testable questions which can be answered through observation and investigation
form a hypothesis
explore and discuss various fields of science ex. biologist and astronomer
form conclusions based on data obtained during investigations

Classroom Activities

Students will set up science notebook and participate in a class discussion on what is science and the role of a scientist

We will introduce the Scientific Method and go over key vocabulary words

Generation Genius Video: What is science?

Read together Notable Notebook

Complete Apple experiment together using the steps to the scientific method

Saving Sam Activity with partners

Assignments Due

Study science vocab.
Apple Experiment completed in notebook

Additional Resources