Dalge, D. – Fashion Design, Marketing

TeacherDaphne Dalge
Subject AreaAdvanced Fashion
Grade Level8th grade
Week #1 - 40
Unit of InstructionComplete process of designing
Standard(s) Taught

– Recap of sketching techniques

– Introduction to Fashion seasons

– Exploration of Fashion Week

– The study of forecasting trends

– Designing of complete Collection

– Application of color theory into Fashion

– In-dept sewing techniques, and introduction to the Serger.

– Deeper knowledge of textile.

– Adobe illustrator

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

– Students will be able to use proper techniques to sketch complete fashion figures.

– Students will have an understanding of the adaptation of color theory into different fashion seasons.

– Students will be able to identify fashion trends, and understand the concept of Fashion forecasting.

– Students should be able to understand the breakdown of the “Fashion Week.”

– Students should know the process of designing a complete collection.

– Students should have deeper knowledge of Adobe illustrator.

– Students will be able to use the serger for clean finished project.

Classroom Activities

– Sketching of different categories of garments.

– Using Adobe Illustrator to design their concept boards.

– Basic Fashion photoshoot.

– Basic alteration of patterns.

– Sewing practice though projects.

– Color story activity.

– Trend forecasting research.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources