Fashion Des Intro 12/14/20

Here we are almost at the Holidays time!
I hope everyone is happy and anxious about the holidays. For this quarter, we are studying Textile. There is a lot to know about fabric, because it is an important element of Fashion.

Happy Holidays!!!

Textile lesson

Basic Weaves

TeacherDaphne Dalge
Subject AreaFashion Design Intro
Grade Level7th & 8th grade
Week #2nd Quarter
Unit of InstructionIntroduction to Textile
Standard(s) Taught

– Intro to the Textile industry

– The importance of Textile in the world

– Origin source of Fabric

– Most commonly used Fabric

– Basic weaves of Fabric

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

– Meaning and definition of Textile

– Difference between textile and Fabric

– The construction of the basic weaves

– Properties of Fabric

Classroom Activities

Basic Weave

– Plain weave

– Basket weave

– Twill weave

– Satin weave

Care for fabric

Major production of fabric

Assignments Due

Will be discussed in class

Additional Resources