Fashion Des Intro Week 3

Welcome to Fashion Design Intro Week 3!
This week we will focus on sketching and the Background of Fashion.

Background of Fashion

Basic Head

Basic Torso & Wave

TeacherDaphne Dalge
Subject AreaFashion Design Intro
Grade Level7th & 8th grade
Week #1st Quarter
Unit of InstructionHistorical Background of Fashion
Standard(s) Taught

– Fashion at the very beginning

– Haute Couture

– Sewing Machine

– Prêt-à-Porter

– Basic sketching

– Facial detail

– Designing

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

_ The relationship of Fashion and the French Government

– Federation Française de la Couture Parisienne

– Haute Couture House

– Invention of Sewing Machine

– Beginning of clothing Retail

– Basic torso

– Facial features

– Hair design

– Basic skirt design

Classroom Activities

– Sketching the torso with facial detail

– Adding Hair design on the torso

– Designing new idea from the basic skirt

Assignments Due

– Will be discussed in class.

Additional Resources