Fashion Des Essent. Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 in Fashion Design Essentials

Geography of Fashion (1)

TeacherDaphne Dalge
Subject AreaFashion Design Essentials
Grade Level8th grade
Week #1st Quarter
Unit of InstructionGeography of Fashion
Standard(s) Taught

– Paris, as the Fashion Capital city

– Other major fashion cities

– Charles Frederick Worth

– Different type of fashion

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

– Why is Paris still the fashion of the world

– How to be part of the federation of the Haute Couture

– Fashion cities all around the world

– Haute couture

– Prêt-à-porter

Classroom Activities

– Open discussion about Fashion critique presentation

– Discussion about Geography of Fashion

Assignments Due

– Reading of Geography of Fashion

– Sketching exercise

– Vocabulary of Fashion

Additional Resources

Geography of Fashion (1)