Fashion Des Essent. Week 4

Happy Monday and Welcome to Week4!

This week we will join the Intro to watch the Evolution of Fashion documentary, and discuss it. Also we will work on fashion Basic pose and proportion.

upper & bottom Torso

Fashion Pose (1)

Torso to 10 head

TeacherDaphne Dalge
Subject AreaFashion Design Essentials
Grade Level8th grade
Week #1st Quarter
Unit of InstructionBackground and Evolution of Fashion
Standard(s) Taught

– Fashion from the beginning to today

– Haute Couture

– Prêt-à-Porter

– Fashion Pose

– Proportion

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

– Haute Couture House

– Evolution of Fashion

– Fashion Industry

– Upper and Bottom Torso

– Fashion Pose

– Fashion 10 heads

Classroom Activities

– Discussion on Fashion Evolution

Assignments Due

This week homework is sketching the full body from the basic upper and bottom torso to the 10-head figure.
It is all in the power point attachment, “Torso to 10 Head.”

Additional Resources